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 Posted: 08-21-2011 04:39 pm
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Mason Jones

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 Ok, I’ve got a couple of interior questions. I’m new to the JH and I’m stumped.

1) Has anyone seen a center console like this? Every one I’ve seen in photos, and including the original plastic one from this car, has an ash tray & cig lighter.
This one which is from a later car has this plastic piece with 2 narrow slots where the ash tray would be.

What are these slots for? What went there? I’ve been using it to hold the garage door opener.

2) I got this JH badge on ebay. They seller said it came off his JH from yrs ago and he doesn’t remember where it went. I thought I'd seen a steering wheel badge like this in a photo. It’s more rounded than the hood badge and it doesn’t have the 2 posts. But it’s too big for the steering wheel.

Where does this go? Did I just buy an $18 belt buckle?