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 Posted: 08-20-2011 11:02 pm
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Lash Russell

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   Those few people who may have been following this, I finally got the system to work.  As it turned out I wasn't able to find any 1/4" vacuum tubing at any parts stores but by cutting 3/4" or so off each end the lines I was able to get a nice seal when pushed onto the pipes on the mini valve and bypass valve.  After doing so I was able to get the mini valve to close when indicator moved to COLD, of course the cable needs to be adjusted to the mini valve plunger depressed all the way when closed.

  Another thing I noticed is that if the hoses attached to the mini valve are reversed, the valve will close the bypass valve when depressed but will not release the bypass valve (ie open flow) when the selector is removed from the COLD setting.  With the engine very hot and the cold setting on, theheater box has next to no heat coming to it, very nice, worth the time and effort to getting it going.

  Thanks again Frank.