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 Posted: 08-20-2011 06:21 am
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Fun topic, old I know but who can resist talking about their cars?

1968 (or so) Saab 96 3-cyl, 2-stroke, FWD: My parents had 2 of these then a later V-4. Fun cars. Saabs were rare then and if another passed you they would honk. I thought they were cool but I was 4. Performance – they raced these!

197? Ford Pinto Wagon: I had to drive this to high school until I wrecked it. Coolness (you’d get ironic points for owning it today) Performance (none).

1976 Plymouth Gran Fury 400ci, 4bbl ex-police cruiser repainted beige: Coolness (it wasn’t the Pinto) Performance (80%) in a straight line. Above 50 or so turning the wheel would simply rotate the orientation of the car rather than alter your trajectory.

1980 Toyota Tercel: First car I bought. Drove it 200k+ miles before the engine gave out. Coolness (30%) Performance (30%).

1970 Olds Cutlass Supreme convertible: The one car I wish I still had. Easily the most beautiful car I ever owned. Coolness (90%) Performance (much like the Gran Fury).

1983 Datsun 200SX: I bought it for $500. It was a ragged out POS. But a very reliable POS. Coolness (5%) Performance (50%).

1972 Triumph TR6: After 3 very reliable cars I guess I was looking for a change. I really wanted a TR250 or a TR4a, the styling was nicer, more classic. Nice car but spent most of its life in the garage. Coolness (70%) Performance (60%).

15 years of boring, reliable Toyotas & Hondas and then…

1973 Jensen-Healey: My wife and I were looking for a 2nd car and she used to have an MGB and the price was right and you can rationalize anything and now it’s in our garage. Coolness (70%) Performance (70%). Coolness will improve with paint!

And finally, my secret dream car: Saab Sonnet V4