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 Posted: 08-15-2011 12:15 pm
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Lash Russell

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Hello all,

   I am rebuilding my heater box and core for my JH and was able to get everything back into the car.  I hooked everything back up and was not able to get the heater bypass valve to operate when the control lever is set to cold.  It seems the vacuum is not sufficient by the time it gets from the manifild to the control valve on the heater box then back to the bypass valve that is bolted to the valve cover.

   At least the default for the bypass is in the open position so hot coolant is always passing through the heater core but it would be nice to have the bypass operational for those hot summer days when I don't beed another radiant heat source in the cockpit.  The bypass valve moves freely by hand and does close off the flow, I'm wondering if the control vacuum valve is not working properly when depressed by the control lever or my vacuum lines are toast.  I tried to get new vacuum line at Napa but they don't have anything even close.  Anybody ran into this before?

Thanks, Lash