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 Posted: 08-12-2011 06:18 am
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Mason Jones

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Sadly the original Jensen radio doesn’t work. Not sure what I’ll replace it with. I really prefer the vintage look (even if it was mono!)

I’ve been tackling the brakes. Both front calipers were sticking. The car now has a brand new TR6 master, new hoses and rebuilt calipers. The old pistons just looked too bad and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of rebuilding them only to have them not work.

This was strange. I ordered a set of pads off of ebay and they are different from the originals. The new pads have a tab on top. The old ones don’t.

The shims came with the rebuilt calipers from Delta. The old shims have a notch and would fit the old or the new pads. The new shim I had to cut a notch so the new pads would fit.

New shims and new pads (unknown brand) on the left. Old shim/pad on the right.

Other than having to modify the shims everything went on fine. Now that the front brakes no longer stick on I guess I'll have to fix the parking brake!