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 Posted: 07-30-2011 06:13 pm
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Mason Jones

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So, if I understand the diagram correctly the post-74s do not have part 13 (oil seal inner shield) and part 15 is different on post-74s.

The new seal I got from Delta is a one-piece metal seal with a rubber ring in the center, pretty standard looking. It matches the diameter of the original but is thicker. But it's hard to be sure since the original seems to be ground down from rubbing on the mystery piece attached to the base of the axle stub on my car. Both the original and replacement are one-piece and not 3 pieces like parts 13-15 that I see in the diagram.

I called Delta for clarification and they seemed to agree that I have a mix of parts on my car. So I guess I'll remove the mystery piece from the axle stub and I should be OK. It bugs me that the part isn't even shown on the diagram but as long as it works!