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 Posted: 07-01-2011 06:54 pm
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Just some rambling here on the information provided so far and my general opinion.

There isn't that much difference between the 73 and 74. Remember all cars go through changes and usually the later years are nicer because of the changes throughout the years. If you think the 73 would be a better car for you go for it. There are several examples of 73s that are still running.

There isn't much difference in the engine specs between the 73 and 74. There are improvements that were made to the car to improve  reliability and looks. Some you can do easily enough, others you can't. Changing the interior is usually just taking out the old and putting in the new. Again in general this applies to the early and later JHs and the GTs.

Engine modifications are pretty much the same between all the engines. It will depend on the car you get and the money you want to spend. There have been several discussions here about engine mods and the order in which to do them and the associated cost that goes with it. If you haven't already read through the different topics for the discussions.

Regarding the picture of the red car. Is that the 73 you are looking at? It appears to me to be really clean and looked after. Does it really need the engine bay detailed? If you look down from the washer bottle to the engine you should see the serial number. Post that and we can tell you more about the engine. Maybe at some time in the past a later engine was installed.

Is the oil pressure bad on the car that you are concerned about that you want to make changes? If not, why worry about that right now.