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 Posted: 07-01-2011 06:22 pm
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James - thanks, awesome info.  So the block is different earlier/late 907's -crank seal and oil flow design  - and neither can be retrofitted. 

Anything else different in 907 reiterations ?

Still haven't heard a reason I shouldn't buy a '73.

One of the reasons I'm actually interested in the JH - other than fun driving - is the ability to tinker - one goal is to do my first engine out -even if just to clean and detail the engine and bay plus some minor plug/play upgrades.  Should be a fun winter project - I'm not new to turning a wrench but never had the oppty to take an engine out and its on my list.

Maybe one of you guys can tell if this engine is early or later version.


Edit:  James - I had read about tapping an oil feed on the head and plugging it to improve pressure.  Is this something done on all 907's or only the early versions ?

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