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 Posted: 06-28-2011 08:19 am
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Painted 10628 last night; major step complete. Color is Porsche Speed Yellow - -well, actually, Speed Yellow with a pint of white and a pint of yellow toner added in to mellow it a bit. Had an "ack!" moment when I picked up the paint; Somehow more orange than most of the examples I had seen (although there does seem to be some variability, even when the paint code is the same).

Anyway, PPG DCC Concept is magic stuff. Just a hint of orange peel that I am sure will color sand right out. And even when I lost concentration at one point and laid it on thick in one area, the paint just sorted itself out, no run. Great stuff.

Edit: Replaced last night's photo with a day-light photo. Still not a perfect representation of reality, but better.

(And lest anybody think I was rude to Frank by not replying, we had a PM conversation...)

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