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 Posted: 06-28-2011 01:19 am
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subwoofer wrote:I hope this is cold engine only, if you have 60psi at idle with warm oil your oil is WAY too heavy.
60psi was with a cold engine (cold in Texas being 98F.) After reading your post I went to check the oil pressure warmed up and now the temp gauge isn’t working. In fact, none of them are working now. (I know, you’re laughing with me not at me, right?)
About 20 yrs ago I had a 72 TR6 so I’m experiencing a bit of déjà vu here. The TR6 was in similar condition, engine ran great but I could never get all the lights to work on the same day to get it inspected. I did everything I was supposed to: drew a circle around the car, lit some candles and recited the proper incantations. I even tried cleaning up all the contacts with sandpaper (as though that would do anything). Thought about asking if I could get the left half of the car inspected then come back in a week to get the right half done but I don’t think they would have gone for it.
So, at the top of my revised to do list is fix gauges (and whatever else stopped working when they did).  Then rebuild the front brakes (did I mention the front brakes stick?) and replace all the flex hoses.
At times like this it helps to do something easy to make you feel better about your purchase. So I replaced the torn-up driver seat with the vinyl from a spare seat.
Here’s one of the future drivers of 11040 the day we picked it up. Notice the white t-shirt around the driver’s seat holding in what’s left of the foam.

And here's the "new" seat cover. At least the interior is shaping up!