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 Posted: 06-25-2011 10:02 pm
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Mason Jones wrote: Should I worry about the valves/tappets?
Hay Mason,

Looks familiar! My JH looked much the same when I dug it out of a snow bank and dragged it home.

Have you opened up the access ports behind the front wheel to investigate the rust at the seam of the rocker and fender? My JH looked 'clean' at the seam but there was enough rust behind the panel to warrant some really fun wire brushing followed by the POR-15 treatment. You should also check the rear access port. Here is a link to the kit that I used with very good results:

I would have to say from the video that you have a lifted valve. Others can correct me, but I believe it is easy to check the valve clearances but difficult to set/correct the clearances?