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 Posted: 06-25-2011 02:59 am
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Sorry for all the posts, I can't seem to put more than 1 image in a single post.

The car came with a spare "low mileage" 1975 engine and a complete set of new gaskets, seals, timing belt, etc. I think he had planned to make it a 2.2 stroker. For me, the original engine runs great and has plenty of power. I think I'll just put the new timing belt on the original and drive it for a while before deciding what to do with the 75 engine.

Here's the original the process of replacing all the water hoses. Some appear to be original.

Is there anything I should do to the spare 1975 engine to preserve it? It could potentially sit for 6 months or longer if the old engine continues to run nicely. I suppose I could sell it. How much more reliable would the newer engine be with the improved design? The current engine's oil pressure comes right up to about 60lbs immediately upon starting.