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 Posted: 06-25-2011 01:57 am
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Mason Jones

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The body is in decent condition, a few dings and small dents here and there. I'm kidding about the orange, the rust is really not bad. The usual rust in the passenger floor pan and the trunk but the rest is pretty minor. The sills somehow survived with only surface rust.

The car came with a ton of new and used parts the PO had not yet installed including a complete header and exhaust system from Delta. This was the first thing I installed as the old one had at least 4 holes in it. You can kind of see the new pipes in the last photo.

Things he had done were rebuild the carbs, rear brakes/suspension/shocks/springs and replaced the fuel pump, lines, cleaned the fuel tank (oh, and the plastic “T” connector) and installed the Pertronix ignition. He bought all the stuff for the front suspension/brakes as well but had not installed them.