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 Posted: 06-23-2011 05:55 pm
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Just my 2 cents worth here:  When I disassembled my early '73 (rope main seal), the one known problem was an internal leak in the cooling system that turned out to be, as expected, the head gasket.  However, upon cleaning, it turned out that the leak had been present for a long time and coolant/water was entering two combustion chambers, turning to steam, and causing corrosion around the exhaust valve seats, pitting the head casting.  I suppose if the condition had gone on long enough, a seat might have come out, causing, well you know, a mess.  What the pitting did do was take away my intention to build some kind of gee whiz, high compression go fast machine.  Not possible with the pits.  They become hot spots and/or a collection point for carbon deposits that in turn become hot spots.   Either way, high compression and hot spots equals detonation, spoiling my fun.