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 Posted: 06-21-2011 04:42 am
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Hi All I'm reviving this Oil pressure string instead of starting a new one just to keep the topic consolidated.

Here's our situation:
We removed engine to replace header pipe. While engine was out took the opportunity to clean engine, replace front and rear main seals, new cam cover gaskets, new timing belt and idler  bearings. After we put everything back together the car started right up ran good and had good oil pressure (maybe even a bit better than before).  Took the car down to the exhaust shop to have a flange attachment fabricated for the new header, about a 3 mile trip, no problem, drove home next day, no problem.  My son took the car out a few days later and about 4 mi from home he said it started running rough, oil pressure dropped and the car died. Couldn't restart it. I went to meet him and did get the car to run rough briefly, but still no oil pressure.
Towed car home.

Car now starts fine but still no oil pressure.  Read above string, pulled oil pump housing, gears look ok, cleaned out relief valve, blew out oil line to gauge, still no oil pressure. Removed oil cooler adapter and reinstalled filter (to remove clogged oil cooler from the equation) still no oil pressure.

Now I'm thinking oil pickup pipe. 
My thoughts are that the rough running/stall and the loss of oil pressure were only some what related.   We did have the engine on a stand and rotated around a bit (not upside down but sideways to clean off the bottom of the sump) and it's possible some debris in the carb may have jarred loose and cause the rough running/stall (as I said the car starts and runs fine now).  Now I wonder if tilting the engine might have caused the pickup pipe to loosen and lose it's seal.  Seem far fetched but I'm out of ideas.

I have the factory parts catalog but it's not very clear on the relation between the pump housing and the pickup pipe.  Does the pickup pipe come out with the aux housing as a unit?

Any other ideas are appreciated, especially if it involves less work than pulling the aux housing.   Thanks,  Doug

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