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 Posted: 06-20-2011 03:18 pm
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After perusing JHPS and related websites and then driving two JH’s last week with varying degrees of drivability, I’ve confirmed that this is my next car.


I’m mechanically inclined so feel comfortable handling certain issues as they come but I’m not looking for a project car from the start, I am looking for a solid driver that I can do mod’s and light mechanical resto work to over time.

Biggest issue for me is rust free, clean straight body, solid running condition – body work is not something I’m interested in doing myself, but needing a new paint job is not an issue.  Let me know if anyone has any suggestions. 


Finally – putting what I just said aside, one of the cars I did see is rusting out in the floor boards, trunk, frame but has all original interior in good shape and engine/drivetrain has 44K miles (4 speed) – I could probably buy this car for b/n $2000-$2500.  Any thoughts ?  I could drive it until I find a better one then store the parts.  


Thanks and I look forward to participating on the forum.