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 Posted: 06-19-2011 09:20 pm
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Ramp wrote: Don't mean to hijack but wondering why its not relatively easy to use the EFI and/or Turbo system(s) off an Esprit - aren't they the same 907's ?
I can think of tons of reasons. Here are a few off of the top of my head.

The 907 motor was first released in 1972 - 1973 and was made through approximately 1980 when Lotus first released the 2.2L motors. During that 1972 thru 1980 time frame there were lots of running changes made to even the 2.0L 907 motors like cams, compression ratios, and port size / shape alterations. Then with the turbo 910 2.2L motors the number of changes really went through the roof. The fuel injected motors were first released with the 1986 - 1987 HCI motors and was built around the Bosch mechanical CIS type of fuel injection. In 1989 they first went to fully electronic fuel injection based around GM Delco bits. Both the Bosch CIS and the Delco EFI systems are closed black box systems that are not really able to be re-tuned by an individual. They were developed for the 2.2L 910 motor that had 10 - 15 years of development beyond the 2.0L 907 motors used in the Jensen-Healey. Both the Bosch CIS and Delco systems were really complex systems with lots off add-on vacuum and emissions bits. These were limited production cars and as a result the parts are fairly rare and when available the parts are REALLY expensive.

I could probably think of lots more reasons with more time but I think these are enough.

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