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 Posted: 06-12-2011 03:46 pm
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Give it a freaking rest already. They are not the same, and your selective comparisons and freak out statements are starting to really wear thin. I think the crank fired ignition is cool but Jensen Healeys and Loti have been successfully running for years without it.

Rebuilt distributor with pertronics set up including distributor, pertronics, coil and plug wires from Jeff @ Advanced Distributors = $325.00.
Time to install = 1 hour. @65.00/hr install rate = $65.00
Total cost = $390.00

Cost for crank fired system:
Custom machined bits $225.00
Ford Edis Kit $25.00 (on ebay)
Megajolt lite $162
Vr sensor and wheel $ 50-100
Plug wires $13.00
Blanking plug for distributor: $24.00
Edis to megajolt cable $50
Total parts cost: $549
Time to install 3 hours. @65/hr install rate = $195
Total Cost = $744

Now, yes you may be able to source parts in a junk yard for less $ but you have to account for the value of time it takes to locate and remove them. Also, you need to account for shipping costs which can easily boost the price differential by >$50.00.

When you are all done with all of this work you have spent twice as much money for an unsubstantiated improvement in the performance of the vehicle.

You need to quit putting so much icing on this particular cupcake, it's not getting any sweeter.