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 Posted: 06-05-2011 05:38 am
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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the inputs and comments!  I thought I owned it to you to list what I'm currently looking at for restoration and upgrades.  Many of your suggestions are included, as well as stuff we didn't talk about relative to paint & body work, seats, and stuff:

o   Dellorto carburetors & manifold (45 mm)
o   104 cam shafts
o   Cooling air scoop
o   Oversized radiator
o   Oversized oil cooler
o   Engine checked and any necessary repairs made
o   Engine painted (?)
o   Engine compartment painted
o   4 into 1 exhaust header

o   Magnecor 8mm  plug wires
o   Crank-fired ignition (Megajolt ECU)
o   Fix turn signals

Suspension & brakes
o   Front & rear sway bars
o   Leaning fixed (car leans to driver’s side)
o   Bilstein shocks
o   SuperPro bushings
o   15” Panasport wheels
o   What kind of tires???
o   Brakes (rear disk?)

o   Dashboard wood grain (?)
o   Sun shades replaced
o   Seat belts—have a modern system installed
o   New seats, upholstery
o   Silver trim around instruments replaced
o   Carpets replaced
o   New steering wheel
o   Glove compartment fit and locking improved
o   Heater / ventilation system repaired

Paint & Body Work
o   Bonnet fit
o   Check floor pans for rust, paint with rust preventative paint
o   Exterior—New black paint, nice but doesn’t have to be concourse quality
o   Engine compartment repainted
o   Top replaced
o   Tonneau replaced
o   Top boot replaced

o   New door key
o   Pin for tonneau cover on driver’s side of dashboard is broken

So this is the list that I'm thinking about going to the restorer with.  Any stupid stuff?  Missed opportunities?