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 Posted: 06-01-2011 01:14 am
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Paul Koehler wrote: Concerning the LAYCOCK TYPE-J OD:

Is the drop in RPM, using the Laycock Type J OD unit less than, equal to, or greater than switching to a 5-Speed tranny?

Can any marque Type J be used? Looking on e-bay, there are plenty of Volvo type -J  always up for sale.

Looking at the procedure to put a Volvo type-J on a TR6, it appears that the shade tree machanic or the faint of heart might be out of their league. Has any club member/board poster done this upgrade, either by themselves or professionally? The only person I  know of that has done this was a BRIT than came over for one of the Jensen East meets.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

You have to completely disassemble the transmission to change the output shaft which is the main shaft inside the transmission. The output shaft is different to be able to drive the OD system. I think there are eccentric or splines cut into the shaft which are not there on the regular 4spd transmission.