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 Posted: 05-31-2011 04:30 pm
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Hi Jody, I have original equipment Dellortos and they have 35mm chokes. They have progression drillings that are specific to the car. Lotus/ Jensen never got these working properly and they had flat spots.

When the engine was fitted with stock cams I used 33mm chokes on the advice of Eurocarb. Smaller chokes increase the air velocity and atomize the fuel better.  They were a good match and it gave great drivability.

Now that the 107 cams are installed I returned to 35mm chokes to take advantage of the top end.

Driving style is everything when making modifications. If you always have the hammer down, go for the huge carbs and cams. If you want a pleasant car to drive with smooth power throughout the rev range then you'll need to be very sensitive to torque when making decisions.