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 Posted: 05-30-2011 02:21 pm
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It's easy enough to go with the 45's instead of the 40's and you can always jet them down if need be. With carbs, providing you're not putting too much on the car, bigger is always better.

You can fit the 104 cams easily to a stock engine. Going with the oversized stainless valves will offer additional improvement to the breathing of the engine, but does require machining the head.

We haven't documented a real "performance improvement" with the crank fired ignition yet. Steve has seen that his car starts much more easily and that he is getting better gas mileage. If you are interested in the crank fired ignition I will be putting in an order with the machinist for the custom parts soon. The bigger the order the less each separate piece will cost.

And they aren't dumb questions. :) We all started somewhere.