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 Posted: 05-30-2011 12:27 am
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Thanks guys for the inputs, but truth be told I wouldn't know a crank-fired ignition from a rotisserie barbeque!  I'm in awe and more than a little envious of the technical knowledge of you guys.  But I'm looking for the basic upgrades that I should be sure to do. 

It looks like I'd want to include most of Jody's "Stage 2" items for sure, but should I get 45 mm Dellortos instead of the 40 mm? What difference should I expect? 

Actually, the crank-fired ignition sounds like a good idea, Steve.  What's the performance improvement I could expect?

Subwoof- I looked at your blog on your renovation.  I wish I could do for my car what you're doing for yours, but don't have the knowledge.  Why would 104 cam shafts be something I'd want? Would other mods be necessary, too, like new valves or pistons?

That's all my dumb questions for now.

Paul K.