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 Posted: 05-29-2011 08:16 am
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This sounds to me like the carbs are massively off balance. To get you into the ball park:

- Up the revs by means of the idle stop screw on the rear carb till you see a vacuum signal for all four cylinders, alt. turns the carbtune upside down for low-vacuum mode.

- Make sure all idle air bypass screws are turned all the way in, these are only there to balance the two barrels in a carb to each other.

- Make sure all the parts of the throttle axle assembly are there; spring loaded plunger and screw.

- Balance the front and rear carb by adjusting the screw on the throttle lever until the lowest (reading) vacuum barrel on the front carb matches the lowest vacuum barrel on the rear carb.

- end by bringing the highest vacuum barrel of each pair down to the lowest by opening the idle bypass screw for the high vaccum barrel.

I think your problem is that the carbs are massively off balance, combined with too low revs to get a stable reading.