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 Posted: 05-29-2011 06:49 am
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Why run crank-fired ignition?

  1. Hotter spark: The multiple coils have more time to recharge and the elimination of the additional spark gap that exists inside a regular distributor cap.

  2. More efficient optimized advance curves possible: No longer relying on simple rotating advance weights, springs and vacuum pots to determine the advance curve.

  3. Elimination of oil leak: By removing the distributor and plugging the resulting hole there is no longer a horizontal rotating distributor shaft that must be sealed.

  4. Easier timing belt replacement: Since the ignition timing is no longer dependent on the position of the gear that drives the oil pump.

  5. No distributor cap or rotor to replace: Less hassle trying to fumble around under the carbs and intake manifold.

  6. No spark source to ignite fuel leaks: Removing the distributor with sparks jumping around inside the cap from under the carburetors.

The first two benefits means the engine is more efficient, runs smoother, and starts better. Everyone I have spoken with who has done this conversion is always impressed with how much smoother the engine runs and how much better it starts. The third, fourth, and fifth points makes long term maintenance easier. The fourth is the BEST reason to do this conversion. It means the engine is SAFER! Much less chance that a stray fuel leak can cause a fire because the primary ignition source from the electrically active distributor is removed as a possible fire starter.

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