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 Posted: 05-28-2011 08:07 pm
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I think Jody got the cams slightly mixed up, 104 are the long duration/high lift cams, while the 107 is shorter duration (really the Esprit Turbo cam) and thus "milder". In some circuits, even the 104 is considered "mild". If you want to stay with carburetors don't hesitate to go for a set of 45 Dell'Ortos, there is no comparison to the Strombergs.

If you decide to open up the engine, you really should up the compression no matter what other upgrades you perform. The later stock 907s with 9.5:1 compression is a lot more responsive, have 11:1 pistons for the 2.0 if you wish to run wilder cams.

Poly bushings and Bilsteins are never wrong, as far as brakes go, contact Martin Shirley of the JOC in the UK for parts for fitting vented discs with modified M16 calipers under the stock wheels without massive spacers. He may need a bit of convincing to sell parts only, though.