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 Posted: 05-26-2011 08:06 am
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ok, let's dive in then. A good source of info is this article:

This assumes you're starting with a truly stock US equipped car and you retain the 907 block.

Stage 1:

Green brake pads (Pete swears by them)

Cooling air scoop,

front and rear sway bar kit

Pertronics based distributor

magnecor 8mm plug wires

high output flamethrower coil

oversized radiator

oversized oil cooler

4 into 1 exhaust header

Stage 2: (Stage 1 +)

Dellorto carbs and intake manifold (40mm)

volvo front caliper modification

Stainless steel valves/guides/etc.

laycock j-type overdrive added to stock 4speed.

104 cam shafts

Stage 3:

lightened flywheel

107 cam shafts (or 104/107 combination for the faint of heart. :)

2.2 L crank conversion

ported/tuned head

wilwood big brake kit

rims/tires to fit brake kit.

45mm Dellortos.

Stage 4:

crank fired ignition

fuel injection

Supra 5 speed conversion

rear disk brakes (the kit does exist, I've seen it)

clean underwear.


Admittedly some of these items are mix/match based on preference, but when you scale it on a complexity/cost curve, this is the layout. If you don't fear engine changeouts you can swap in a Lotus Chargecool 910 engine and tear your differential apart. :)