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 Posted: 05-25-2011 12:22 am
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Just in case there is some interest here is a list of the approximate parts needed to do the EFI conversion on a Lotus 907 engine as fitted to a Jensen-Healey.

I am looking into making a small batch of the altered Zenith-Stromberg intake manifolds that would include the fuel injector bungs welded into the manifold, the adapter plates for the pair of Nissan throttle bodies, the Nissan throttle bodies, the Nissan throttle position sensor, and possibly the fuel rail.

For just the fuel injection setup then the following major parts would be required:

high pressure fuel pump, either in tank or external
in-tank:   $50.00
external:   $50.00

if external pump then external swirl pot or surge tank needed   $60.00

Dodge Neon fuel injectors Bosch 0-280-155-782 or Dodge 04669772  (21.3lb/hr flow rating)

approx $30 - $60 used per set of four on ebay

Fuel injector pigtails     $9.50 each (quant 4 req)

Saab 900 2.0L 16V 86-90 fuel pressure regulator Bosch 0-280-160-256  (43psi or 3bar regulated pressure)   $49.95

GM air intake and coolant temp sensors and wiring pigtails

used sensors and new pigtails:   $27.50

Megasquirt 1 EFI ECU      $346.00

DIYAutoTune charges $50 to mod the ECU for EDIS so it will work out of the box. I would also suggest a $28 mod they do to support a pulse-width modulated idle control valve. Otherwise adding the mods to support these is fairly simple.

Megasquirt wiring harness     $69.00

Now if the EDIS crank-fired ignition were done at the same time and I would strongly advise this then the crank sensor bracket & toothed wheel adapter would be needed as well as the following EDIS parts:

EDIS 4 coil, vr sensor, module, and wiring pigtails   $49.95

The only major Ford EDIS part that is not correct in the above auction is the toothed wheel. The above auction includes the wrong toothed wheel. The one I am using is off of a Ford Taurus 3.0L V6 (NOT the DOHC Duratech motor).

This does not mean the toothed wheel in the auction could never work but just would not work perfectly with the bracket & adapter I designed.

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