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 Posted: 05-02-2011 07:04 pm
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Dakota123 wrote:
I've had the rear bumper off for so long that I'm starting to like the look better without bumpers. I'm torn, leave it off or put it back? (MK1 stainless, decent condition.) Would be no hard task to 'glass the openings. Hmmm.

If you decide to take rear bumper off, do yourself the favour to do it properly, i.e. fill in the holes with sheet metal and make a full butt weld. Much better in the long run.

Here in Norway, we call it an "American style repair" when we find collision or corrosion damage repaired by adding a very badly fitting piece of metal or fibreglass underneath 1/2" of Bondo... :-)

Car is shaping up, btw! It's going to be a fine piece when you get it painted and reassembled!


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