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 Posted: 05-01-2011 09:02 pm
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The Norwegian Sportscars Meet is next weekend, this year I'm sure I'll make it! She runs well, and I'm not going to do anything electrical or mechanical this week. So, to pass time I figured it would be time to tackle the shoddy paint job. I bought a rotary polishing machine last year and didn't have too much luck since I was using Turtle Wax cr*p. Saturday I went and got myself a 3M kit (fine rubbing, polish and sealer) and tonight I went at it, armed with loads of self confidence and instructions from Youtube. I only did the boot lid, that took me a little over an hour.

It didn't look all that bad to begin with, you think?

Roughly same angle after rub, polish and sealer

The big reveal! Look at the difference between the untreated and the polished paint!

This was fun, I'll do the rest of the car over the rest of the week. Today's lesson: paint can be restored, even by inexperienced people like me!