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 Posted: 04-25-2011 08:06 pm
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chiromaster wrote:
Took out multimeter to check some voltages. The wire going into the resistor block had 8v, the + of the coil had 4. I unplugged the wire going into the resistor block it has 13v. Then I touched the resistor block it was very hot after about 3 min that I was testing.

It is not going to produce a spark with 4V at the coil, this is almost for sure. You have contact resistance issues somewhere, so feeding the resistor directly from the battery should eliminate those problems - just to verify the soundness of the rest of the ignition system. The resistor is big for a reason, it should get hot when working. Have you tried turning the engine slightly over TDC? That should open the circuit, then you should have 12-13V at coil +.

A timing gun will possibly tell you if you have spark at all, it is current triggered, not voltage triggered.