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 Posted: 04-25-2011 07:03 pm
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Since you are in the process of recommisioning the car, do yourself the favour and change the cam belt while you are at it! If it snaps, you are looking at massive costs. A rebuild could easily end in the $3-5k range in parts alone if the wrong parts are done in, ref my teardown thread in Projects.

Check cam and static ignition timing first. Make sure the plug wires run to the correct cylinders. The + feed on the coil runs through multiple plugs, it comes through the rev counter, so it is quite possible that there is no voltage on the coil. For testing purposes, you could run the + on the coil straight from the battery. Also check the fuse box, it is a Lucas...

For peace of mind I would do the following: Get a good 12V coil and take out the resistor (or resistive wire). A Pertronix will not hurt either.

Since that car has been standing for 10 years, what is the state of the cooling system? If good coolant was used it should be OK, but check it!