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 Posted: 04-24-2011 09:22 pm
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I do hope to get the Ford T9 to somehow bolt up to the back of the JH four speed bellhousing however because of the excessive length of the four speed bellhousing, it will probably require extensive machining to reduce the depth down to something that will work with the input shaft length on the T9 transmission. Once I get one done and have a semi-firm price, I will let others know about the status.

The Ford T9 transmissions I have are out of the Merkur XR4Ti which is the only car that Ford brought into the US with the T9 transmission.

It does have a rubber guibo coupling on the back of the trans rather than a normal U-joint flange or yoke. I will have to figure that part out too.

I have measured the position of the stick shift in relation to a JH four speed and the later JH5 speed transmissions and the Ford T9 trans I have is pretty much dead on. The pilot bearing size verses the size of the front of the input shaft on the T9 is very close as well.

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