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 Posted: 04-21-2011 07:52 pm
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After having all sorts of ignition problems last year, I agree with Brett that you should give the ignition system a good going over as well. Get a Pertronix Ignitor-II, a good 12V coil and get rid of the resistor (wire). Use the timing gun to verify you don't have sticking weights in the distributor, and that max and min advance is correct. Look for timing "jumps" on overrun for instance.

Syncing the carbs should reveal if you have vacuum leaks in the vacuum take-offs and connected systems, since you will have to open up the inner two bypass screws (a lot) to match the outer ones which will have lower vacuum if you have a leak.

And I agree; don't drive the car until you have the basics sorted!

As for carb information, the Innovate Motorsports forum has a lot of good information, especially the articles referred to in the "stickies".