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 Posted: 04-21-2011 07:34 pm
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I get the feeling your trying to drive a car that is not really ready to be driven, you should take a time out and go thru the ignition system making sure the plugs/points (if you have them) rotor/ wires / timing etc are all set before you muck about with the carbs. Once your set there then go thru the carbs, you cant really expect not to have problems if things are not correct.

As for "The Book" I think Des Hammill did a nice job with it and I especially like lots of pictures that go along with the explaination's, but thats me. There is also another book I have "The Dellorto superformance" Tech book by Bob Tomlinson which Joachim you might like better.

If you have a vacuum hose off your manifold going to the distributor plug both end's you dont need it with dell's. One more thing check those carbs for air balance if one is doing all the work you can toast your valves on the to lean carb side they need gas to lube and keep cool.