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 Posted: 04-21-2011 06:26 pm
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The book is essential for one purpose only; the proper procedure for stripdown and rebuild of the carbs.

Daily rant: I really don't understand why everyone thinks that book is so great, it just basically tells you to richen it up whenever you have an acceleration problem. No theory of operation, no references to (modern) equipment for diagnosis, no discussion of emulsion tubes and the effect of float level, no discussion on tuning for part-throttle economy while retaining top end power.

Back to the issue at hand: get yourself a CarbTune Pro or equivalent, that takes care of the balancing problem. Easy as pie to operate, and you have yourself perfectly balanced carbs in ten minutes the first time you try.

Second: there should be a 0.015" gap between the manifold surface and the O-ring holder, and the same gap between the O-ring holder and the carb. Do not tighten the mount bolts more than this. The carbs should have Thackery spring washers or rubber inserts under the mounting nuts.

Just unplugging the vacuum hose from the distributor is fine, just make sure you plug the other end. Revving all by itself is for now a bit of a mystery, but we should be able to chase down that after all else is properly set.