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 Posted: 04-18-2011 02:41 am
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OK here's a new one.....I finally got the dellortos back on and I got the Jensen running nicely and idling at 1000 rpm in the garage...."Great" I thought....I'll take it for a it out on the road and i got the "bogging" when I got it in first and pressed the accelerator it had no ran but as i said didn't pick up...did some more adjusting of idle mixtures but to no effect....


Then something really strange happened...I turned on the ignition and started it and then it accelerated itself way up to 6000+ revs before I turned the ignition off...if I turned the ignition on just before it dies it'll rev back up again....btw I'm not touching the pedal at all.


I checked the cable and no problem...I just can't understand how, on it's own, it can rev up so far and so quickly on it's own??