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 Posted: 04-17-2011 11:03 pm
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Following is from the owners manual: "Unfasten the seven press studs and detach the velcro held side panels at the rear of the soft top. Lower the sun visors to gain access to the catch levers which secure the header rail to teh windscreen header rail. Pull the levers through and arc of 145 degrees to release the soft top header rail. Push the header rail rearwards and upwardsd so that the frame hinges(which are on both sides of the frame about 18 inches back from the catch levers) and sufficiently to enable the rail, in the rear edge of the soft top to be moved rearwards out of the two retainers. Lower the frame into the back of the car taking care to avoid trapping the fabric in the frame. Position the rail down between the frame and the back of the car and pull out th edouble layer thus formed to straighten the fabric. Neatly fold the side panels inwards over the Vybak backlight(rear inndow) the foll the fabric and backlight to finally tuck down neatly over the  rail.

Best of Luck