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 Posted: 03-04-2011 09:07 pm
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Short update:

Haven't done much on the car lately, but tonight I finally got around to setting the ignition after installing a Pertronix IgnitorII unit. Only a few drops of oil under the car after 3 months of standing still, not bad at all. Fired right up, and the timing seemed a lot more stable than with points.

Once the roads dry up in a months time it is time to see if the caliper I got from Martin Shirley is better than the one I had. The left caliper kept sticking, I had it apart three times, and it would be fine for three stops, then start sticking again, I really hope the new caliper is better. It was installed and ready the second weekend of November, exactly in time to watch the snow fall...

Next up: Complete rewire of the whole car, getting a new universal loom from England.

BTW: Thanks, Boz. I don't know if it is that great, but at least both I and the car are getting better!