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 Posted: 07-10-2005 11:59 pm
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Ron Earp

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I have a kit from JAE and it has the old ball valves. These carbs I have were tweaked and flowed from a fellow in the NE that fools with them a lot and while new, he used the ball valves too. I'll order a couple of kits from Delta. I suppose with moving them around etc. the tabs became bent on the floats and caused them to hold the valve open - sure looks like it. I'll check it out tonight.

I definitely mean to have some spare carbs around and will start hunting a set up. I had four on a recent Jaguar V12 I just sold the other day but they were different enough in linkages that I didn't want to worry about them. There are enough JH carbs second hand that it pays just to get a set of the real deal.