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 Posted: 02-06-2011 06:14 pm
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Ok, here is an interesting issue that I came upon in replacing my distributor. The original distributor has #1 position pointing up at TDC with the offset dog to the left when viewing down.  The replacement distributor has just the opposite.  I considered changing the firing order on the cap, but opted for drifting out the rolled pin and repositioning the dog 180 degrees.  I am still concerned that the enginge ignition may be 180 out but Lucas books do not state the position of the rotor at #1 firing.  Does anyone know the prefered position, if it matters, or is the engine out 180 to the distributor. I thought I checked that I was on the firing stroke with the original distributor timed ok @ 8 degress and runs although I am still having issues with SMOOTH running as opposed to rough.  I do not know the history of my original distributor-it may have been altered. I now have a Pertronix module in the replacement unit and the rotor pointing up at #1 I will replace the coil with the Pertronix 3 ohm unit and eliminate the ballast resistor and hope for a better running condition.  I would first like to resolve the dog issue before starting.