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 Posted: 07-10-2005 08:33 pm
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Ron Earp

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Thanks Mark! My kits had the ball valve type, so I am not sure what gives. I would like to have the needle valve type for sure. So, are the specs for the needle valve type? I noted in the TR8 manual 0.625 to 0.627 was correct for the ball valve types, exact same carbs except for emissions tags, but otherwise the same.

I need to switch to the needle valve type, I don't trust those ball valves at all for some reason.  Every other carb I've taken apart that works like this has spring loaded needle valves and work on 2.5-4psi of pressure, so you don't have to worry about having springs in them and not getting fuel. I like the springs because it will insure fuel won't leak whilst the car sits, not something I trust with the ball valve.