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 Posted: 07-10-2005 04:33 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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The float setting spec should be stated in the carb rebuild kit.  This dimension is 0.688" (11/16").  Both carbs should use sealing washers of the same thickness, and, naturally, the same float setting.

The float height is determined with the carb body inverted so the float is at the top, and is measured from the fuel bowl gasket surface on the carb body (without the gasket), to the highest point of the float (which should be the corner region furthest from the pivot pin).  I generally use a vernier caliper with a depth rod to gauge this dimension.

There are two types of fuel inlet valve available: the Grose valve which uses a ball to shut off the fuel, and the conventional type which uses a constrained metal needle but no spring.  With the low fuel pressures required by Strombergs, I am not sure one would want a spring that helped keep the fuel inlet valve closed.

Each ZE15K rebuild kit should contain a new valve of the needle type.  Individual valves are also available.  I've attached a photo of the variant with the screen at the inlet.  This screen is unnecessary if one uses a fuel filter at the inlet to the tee that feeds both carbs.


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