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 Posted: 01-24-2011 02:19 am
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I paid a good high quality fabricator to make the following parts:

1. VR sensor mount
2. trigger wheel adapter to secure same to front pulley
3. throttle body adapters
4. machine & weld the injector bungs into place in the ZS manifold

So these were the most expensive bits of the conversion. All the hard parts except for the Megasquirt ECU, the little 1quart swirl tank, the coolant & air temp sensors and the four alloy injector bungs were used parts from the j-yard. This includes:

1. 96-99 Dodge Neon injectors (quantity 4)
2. Nissan Maxima 54mm throttle bodies (quantity 2)
3. Jaguar XJ6 plastic air horns (quantity 2)
4. Ford Escort coil pack
5. Ford Escort EDIS controller module
6. Lexus throttle position sensor
7. Ford Taurus VR sensor
8. Ford Taurus toothed wheel
9. Saab 900 fuel rail
10. Saab 900 fuel pressure regulator
11. Jaguar high pressure fuel pump

So the ultimate cost of this depends on your ability to scrounge parts from the junk yard, score inexpensive Megasquirt units from EBay, and either do self fabrication or find a good but inexpensive fabricator.

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