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 Posted: 01-19-2011 07:02 pm
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One troubled engine indeed! I have finally got around to starting the teardown properly, last night both cam carriers came off and were dismantled.

#3 plug with strange deposits

Scoring on exhaust cam bearing surface

Exhaust cam carrier bearing surface

The deposits on the plug is probably coolant, the engine was pulled due to a head gasket failure. I can't say how bad that is yet, because I haven't dug that deep yet.

The scoring on the cam bearing surface is in my view bad. The width of the scoring matches the lubrication hole diameter, and practically all 10 bearing surfaces look the same, though the exhaust cam is a lot worse than the intake cam.

I suspect particles in the oil is the culprit, but I don't know when it has happened. The question is: is the cam carrier beyond further use? Should I just get new ones from Lotusbits? The cams are destined for the bucket anyway, the plan is to use 104s.