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 Posted: 01-19-2011 02:17 am
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Ok, in regards to Master Cylinders.

You're not going to be ale to buy a new MC. You can either rebuild the one you have or convert to a TR6 Master Cylinder. There's no functional difference, but if you're trying to keep the car original it's a consideration. (on the off chance you decide to go with the TR6 MC, can I have your old one? :)

And on to brake fluid.

Don't fret too much about the brake fluid. Basically you can either stick with DOT3/4 or go to DOT5. The reason I went to DOT5 instead is that it does not absorb moisture like DOT3/4 does. If you are properly maintaining a car that uses DOT3/4 you should be flushing your brakes every two years to remove absorbed moisture. The other reason I went with DOT5 is that it is not harmful to paint. I've seen too many paint jobs ruined by leaky brakes.