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 Posted: 01-18-2011 04:11 am
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Now you've opened a can-of-worms - using DOT-5 silicone fluid.  I'm certain that the both of us are going to get blasted ! ! ! !

I've run DOT-5 in the JH for 15+ years (and my 911 as well), including lots of track time on both and swear by it.  I've done the research, and the rubber compounds used 25 years ago are compatible with silicone fluid.  Of course, the today manufacturers can always change the compound, and might do so as long as it is compatible with the DOT-3,4.

Well, I did have to rebuild my MC a couple of years ago, but really can't blame that on the silicone, because I think the rubber would fail in much less than a year if it was not compatible.