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 Posted: 01-18-2011 03:01 am
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Hi Pete,

Mounting for the LHD cars is identical to your RHD photos.  All the cars were built the same except the GT, which doesn't have a damper.

Damper photos sure look like the two original dampers that I've saved.  My small body diameter is 2 1/4", and look exactly like your photos.  Yours look like travel is certainly more than 1 inch.

Couple of issues:
  • Damper is gas filled and will go to full extension when not contained - If yours is working correctly, you should be holding it in the compressed positon.
  • Your damper has much more stroke than any I've seen.
  • I've looked at 8-10 dampers and all are the same as I've described earlier - my measurements are between the center of mounting bolts.....
Either the factory changed the design at some point, or yours is broken.  It should take 40-50lbs force to rapidly compress, or extend, the damper.........

Thanks for the good info,