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 Posted: 01-17-2011 03:37 pm
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"You are much better off to contact Delta Motorsports rather than Bruce."

Flame on Steve!  So, now we all know you have personal issues with Bruce.

Sure, go to the "real business" ... but what do you do when Delta doesn't have the part you're looking for?  I buy from Jim at Delta too.  I certainly believe we all need to support him and the few other real businesses out there.  But Delta, and even JHPS have purchased items from Bruce over the years.  I think we should share all other sources with newbies, even if they don't have a website, don't pick up the phone 9-5 or that they might take a few days to reply to e-mails. 

Bruce forgot more then you'll ever know about our cars and has helped 100's of us with his knowledge for over 30 years (without bastardizing engines with FI - slam).  I'm sorry he decided to retire from JH's and enjoy other "hobbies".  No, I don't want to marry or have sex with him ... I simply respect him for supporting the marque with decades of servicing JH's, giving technical advice and selling new and used parts.

Several years ago Jim shared that Delta was for sale.  Seriously Steve, you should buy Delta!