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 Posted: 01-06-2011 12:46 pm
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Dan (Florida)


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Was this car running when you bought it?  If so, something has happend in the meantime.   It may be several things like bad gas. stuck carb floats, distributor timing off. In your part of the world there should be no end of car nuts that could help you with  these checks without spending a fortune. I wouldn't trust a 907 to an inexperienced mechanic.    There are sites including this one that provide information on jet size / settings etc. Look in the carburation forum on this site and read everything . Then google Dellorto dlha 45 for more reading.  You cant own one of these cars without  starting a learning process that goes on until you sell.  My car has been on the back patio since October with the engine out for a bad rear main oil seal . I'm waiting for new bearings to come in now.